Sunday, March 2, 2008

Get Well TJ

Yesterday a crew of us hiked far into the woods above Boulder, CO. A few had their eyes on bouldering out the giant west roof of a massive boulder. This is probably the single biggest roof on the Front Range. TJ Burchfield went first and he made it all the way to the lip, but as he was rolling over a hold broke, sending him flying. He fell an awkward 25 feet onto the well placed pads. The fall fractured his talus.

This is the risk we all take everyday and I am inspired by those who would rather enjoy that risk than fear it. You know, avoiding risks doesn't always reduce them. You can be walking to work or traversing in gym for that matter. Life is risky no matter how you slice it, and no less risky if you spice it. It seems when good people are in these situations, they can really understand that. Maybe its because all of a sudden arrived the big picture

So, it is no wonder to me, that all the positive good-energized people there had no problem doing their part to help TJ. Besides, it was a perfect evening to be deep in the woods. Most of us who had been in these situations before, most recently Cam Cross, enjoyed returning the favor... helping a friend.

We all laughed when we lost our trail in the dark. We all shared the load without worry. These are lessons only learned out there. Simple tragedies breath a little life into us every once in a while, help us get in touch with our mortality. If you fear your own mortality than you may need some.

Plus TJ knew how to speak the language...he promised all our favorite beers when we got out. "Hell TJ, now that you say that!..."

Above: Just a moment before. Proud.


chuffer said...

and yet another talus bone victim ... Boot of Doom ascents pending.

Get yourself healthy soon TJ!!!

Cam said...

Props to TJ!

I was totally impressed by his optimism, pain tolerance, and ability to dodge tree branches that would get spring loaded on my pad as we bushwacked back to the car. It's a bummer it happened, but he will be back in no time. This little break will give him sufficient time to fantasize about Small Axe and get psyched for the summer alpine season.

No troubles!

Also, a big thanks to Andy, Greg, and the rest of the crew that helped make the trudge out possible. Without you guys it would have been grim for sure.

TJ, just let me know when you want to have another epic adventure...I'm down! :) We can even have a crutch to the crag contest while you are healing back up if you want. It is a great way to build up the shoulders for post boot of doom crushing!

Nice work,

sock hands said...

i will happily re-sole your boot TJ !!! i will carry extra pads and a TR for rope rehearsal for some really fun bad-idea boot sessions !

the thing i fell off of compared to the gigantor boulder is tantamount to breaking yourself by tripping over a wrinkled rug. DAMN that is big!

to be sure, 'blends with sky' will fly again.

sock hands said...

ps: fantastic captured moment smiley photo! folks don't smile like that when directed to do so for a camera.... so it must be PURE BLISS TOP OUT JOY, taken at just the right moment.

some folks think photos steal bits of their soul. this one seems to just let all us see that soul shining through... nuthin' wrong with tapping a renewable resource [tj soul bits !!] for the benefit of us all now is there?!

climbing narc said...

well said sock is motivating to hear of others dealing with their adversity in a positive fashion while i am recuperating...

It sounds like bouldering in the frontrange without good health insurance is like playing russian roulette with your finances!

Situner said...


I pooped a little just looking at Mann's photo of this bad-boy. PROUD climb. You'll be healed and having pine cone fights while avoiding climbing in NO TIME!

Yet another joins the boot crew. (Sigh)


Bryan said...

Holy sh$&!!!!!! Proud much! Hope you get back soon TJ!