Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Paul Robinson working on what may become the next really hard, classic, boulder problem in Colorado. I believe it may fetch a grade of V14,8B+ when completed...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 20th 2007. Penitente Canyon.

I spent this weekend in Penitente Canyon shooting a few photos and repeating some classics. We got in a half day of shooting before the snow and wind hit hard. Today I awoke with wind/sun/snow burn and a gnarly cold. But a few decent shots to show for it. I still hold my ground for Penitente's side canyons having Colorado's best bouldering.

Also, I must add that "Casa del la Sol" in Buena Vista may be the best Mexican Restaurant in Colorado. If you are ever passing through BV, take this recommendation!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The River Block.

I have been thinking about this shot in Eldo for a while now. I had a lot of fun getting it yesterday with TJ on a nice fall afternoon.

Afterwords, TJ came close to opening a sick new problem out the East roof of this bloc.

The future is bright.

I have finally converted to a professional rig for my photography, and have been constantly out shooting since I purchased my a new Nikon. Photography is my true passion, and I will be it giving every ounce of my energy and devotion until I can get the hell out of the food and beverage business! I have spent the last 13 years behind a hot grill and the only thing i plan on burning any longer are images of this world onto memory cards. Wish me luck.

For fun, here is a photo from last evening of Paul Robinson on the First Ascent of "BlaJack" V9 Flatirons.

and then right before dark, I hustled down from the Flatirons and drove up to Flagstaff Mountain to catch Chip Phillips on a first ascent pictured below.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Not far from the tree...

My father (James William Mann) is over in Scotland writing a book on the Heritage of the Mann's from which we are descended. His last letter to me brought great tidings. Since we left Scotland in the 1700's my "family" has been up to no good brewing beer. This explains a lot!

"Mann's Brown Ale
Mann's is the best brown ale,
Best brown ale, best brown ale,
Mann's is the best brown ale,
Let's have one now.
Say "Mann's brown, Mann's brown."
Say "Mann's brown, Mann's brown."
Mann's is the best brown ale,
Let's have one now."
(Actual commercial jingle that ran from 1965 - 1985)

"Manns Original Brown Ale, is the oldest continuously-brewed beer brand in the UK.

They envisaged the opportunity to move away from IPA and brown stout and create a new beer, claimed to be “the sweetest beer in London”. This brew was not an immediate success, but Manns Brown Ale responded to the public’s emerging taste for bottled beers and became so successful that competitors sprang up all over Britain.

During the 60’s and 70’s, Manns could be seen in the hands of the rich and the famous including The Beatles and George Best. It was Mr Creosote’s drink of choice in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. In the 90’s, Manns Brown Ale teamed up with cartoon character Andy Capp in an advertising campaign. (This is not the first time an Andy and a Mann's has teamed up in the name of beer)

visit and you will actually find recipes for such classics as:
The Original MANNS Walnut Bread loaf
The Original MANNS Rich Fruit Pudding

and my personal favorite:

The Original MANNS gravy.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yes Ma'am

Victim of Circumstance. Melissa Lacasse finished her summer project "Bierdstadt" by an off chance that found her again at Mt. Evans only after her ride broke down on her way back through Denver from Squamish to Kentucky. Nice on Mel.

The Visual #31

Myself airing it out on an amazing highball on Mount Princeton, CO. The stone here make Evans and Poudre granite leaving something more to be desired! Photos: Scott Neel.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Just kind of been being whatever lately. Life is good I reckon. I'm spending most my free time planning and filming for "Rocky Mountain Highball,"
relaxing, and trying to walk a straight line.