Thursday, March 20, 2008

Off to Saint George

I'm off this evening to Saint George, UT for the next 10 days to do some climbing and hopefully get some good shots . The weather is suppose to be in the 70s with that sweet sunshine. Spring has arrived! I am psyched.

Monday, March 17, 2008

UC Issue #22

I am pleased (psyched, amazed, all the standard superlatives apply) to have provided the cover image for the newest issue of Urban Climber Magazine. The features in this issue are awesome, make sure to pick up a copy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

3.10.08 - The over-dramatized version of a normal day.

Today started like any other day. If I'm psyched I'll...

A: Wake up around 9, eat a couple Jimmy Dean (we southerners know him simply as JD) sausage patties, brew some coffee, play some guitar, and role out to the back door to check the weather.

Or, I may...

B: Wake on up around 6, drink some green tea, do some yoga, role on out to the front door to check the weather. I won't really know which until I wake that morning, so I stopped trying to prepare myself.

"Whoa, nice one today," I say to myself on this day, and after choosing previous option A, I'm getting out for sure!

Paul calls and says he'd like to go try 'Midnight Express' again." So, I'm out...but out the back door. Paul Robinson is a tricky dude however, and I always have to remember that any climbing day with Paul is always an Epic. "Good day for one though," i think.

As we leave town and start to head up Boulder Canyon, Paul says, "I hope we make it." I've been known to be the adventures type, so without asking what he is talking about, I say, "Me too." The digital gas gauge in his GTI reads that there are 10.0 miles worth of petrol left in the ol' vdub. "But Paul," I wonder out load, "it is 10 miles to the boulders from here. "It's downhill from there back he says...we'll just coast it. What's important is that we get to the boulders!"

And I'll now leave you with a visual image of Paul right after he says just this...

Good burns and good photos always equal a good time. But what happened you ask? Rock, wind, sky, and snow happened. Enjoying the woods, celebrating Monday, and tempting limits is what happened, and although Paul has dialed the upper sections of the climb, he didn't muster the problem entirely on this particular day, but he will soon.

But for now we must leave our projects, and figure out getting back to town...

The gas gauge soon says 0.00 mi. of fuel left in his car, but we are coasting in gear and blazing downhill. As the road flattens around the intersection of Broadway and Canyon, Paul says to me once again, "I sure hope we make it."

Ever heard the guy that says "Don't worry, it will always work out. It always does!" Yeah, so I'm that guy. And trust me, I will have usually "told you so." But this time I thought for sure I was going to have Epic on my plate. But not today folks, this day's blog ends like any good fable should...

with a shit eatin' grin on your face while trying to pump exactly 14.5 gallons into a 14.5 gallon tank!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ok, you got me.

A Cook and a Camera - a video portrait by Chuck Fryberger.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Get Well TJ

Yesterday a crew of us hiked far into the woods above Boulder, CO. A few had their eyes on bouldering out the giant west roof of a massive boulder. This is probably the single biggest roof on the Front Range. TJ Burchfield went first and he made it all the way to the lip, but as he was rolling over a hold broke, sending him flying. He fell an awkward 25 feet onto the well placed pads. The fall fractured his talus.

This is the risk we all take everyday and I am inspired by those who would rather enjoy that risk than fear it. You know, avoiding risks doesn't always reduce them. You can be walking to work or traversing in gym for that matter. Life is risky no matter how you slice it, and no less risky if you spice it. It seems when good people are in these situations, they can really understand that. Maybe its because all of a sudden arrived the big picture

So, it is no wonder to me, that all the positive good-energized people there had no problem doing their part to help TJ. Besides, it was a perfect evening to be deep in the woods. Most of us who had been in these situations before, most recently Cam Cross, enjoyed returning the favor... helping a friend.

We all laughed when we lost our trail in the dark. We all shared the load without worry. These are lessons only learned out there. Simple tragedies breath a little life into us every once in a while, help us get in touch with our mortality. If you fear your own mortality than you may need some.

Plus TJ knew how to speak the language...he promised all our favorite beers when we got out. "Hell TJ, now that you say that!..."

Above: Just a moment before. Proud.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

For a change of scenery...

Scenic 1: The Storm Curve, New Mexico
Scenic 2: Rocket Mill's Creek, Virginia
Scenic 3: Walden Pond Reeds, Colorado

Winter Warmth

Friends enjoying last week's changing temperatures.

Cameron Cross: The Orb Project,
Scott Neel: Shark's Arete,
Jen Goings: Flying Overhang,
TJ Burchfield: Rasta Drop,
Sheyna Button: The Sweet Arete,