Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 20th 2007. Penitente Canyon.

I spent this weekend in Penitente Canyon shooting a few photos and repeating some classics. We got in a half day of shooting before the snow and wind hit hard. Today I awoke with wind/sun/snow burn and a gnarly cold. But a few decent shots to show for it. I still hold my ground for Penitente's side canyons having Colorado's best bouldering.

Also, I must add that "Casa del la Sol" in Buena Vista may be the best Mexican Restaurant in Colorado. If you are ever passing through BV, take this recommendation!


Ryan Brazell said...

Great pics. What's the double arete jobbie?

sock hands said...

slap happy? something similar to that.

Dropknee said...

Yes Sockie, dat be da Krong on da Slap Happy, and he still calls it v4!

sock hands said...

when you're old and senile, you forget all the effort you had to expend to get to where you are.

when you're a youngin', you have no work ethic and no concept of real effort, so you bitch and moan and beg for a higher grade.


only way to beat a sandbagger is to play the game: v2- at most.