Tuesday, August 14, 2007


These photos were sent to me by a friend, who at the moment, is torturing his cat with crutches, and taking photos of his ankle out of boredom. If you know Cameron Cross, (www.horsetoothhang.net) wish him luck on a speedy recovery. Cam had to crawl almost 6 hours, on his hands, back to his car after a bad fall Sunday that broke his Tibia. He considers himself lucky to have had help from some really great friends. "They were great support and carried as much gear as they could, in addition to helping me when it was possible. I think they deserve recognition as well. They were Jason and Holly Tarry, Steph Whall and Jeremy Bisher." Cam also reminded me that, "The crew is an important part of bouldering that often gets overlooked, but times like these remind us how much meaning each of these people bring to our lives."
Cameron is a featured athlete in Rocky Mountain Highball. You can see why.


chuffer said...

I'm not doctor, but I'm pretty sure that break could have been a lot worse.

See you "out there" cranking again soon Cam.

Boot of Doom +1

Cam said...

Yeah, I feel very fortunate to have hopped away with just a fractured ankle...I think we all crapped our pants as soon as I came off. It could have been career ending.

Now I am rocking the Boot of Doom and reading really rare Mexican novels for a class that starts next week when I get tired of harassing my cats. They have learned to sleep out of crutch reach from the couch...Damn them, why do they have to be so smart!?

Dropknee said...

Cam, no matter how many times i read your comment I kept reading it: "crotch reach from the couch." instead of: "crutch reach from the couch." And I was wondering for like 5 minutes what the hell you must be talking about, until I finally read it correctly! Funny stuff.

Espero que usted se sienta mejor.