Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bolt. Chain. Lock.

South Mesa Creek Bridge.
I've recently been shooting a lot of smaller things through my lenses, in hopes of better seeing the bigger picture when I need to.

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Cam said...

If you are psyched on the world of macro, try putting your camera on Manual, taking the lens off, opening up the apeture all the way, turning the lens around, then holding it in front of the body. With a 28mm-85mm lense you can make ants look like giants. As long as the camera is on manual, you can still take photos. You have to guess a bit at the exposure since the light meter doesn't usually work on the new digital cameras when the lens is off.

Turning a telephoto lense (70mm-200mm) around gives you some cool effects as well. It is worth messing around with for sure. To avoid permanent damage to your lens, make sure to have a skylight filter on whatever lens you are using; it is super easy to scratch it on the metal flange on the camera body.

Happy shooting,