Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Ruler of the North"

Scott and I recently drove up to Fort Collins to document "The Ruler of the North" Foosball Tournament Series hosted by Cam Cross. And, to tell the story of "The Jedi" and his quest to regain the title.

4 words...YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


sock hands said...

i call bullshit. sneel was always the dominant foos force at denidoo and he was just casing the competition to see if he could even hang out in the west.

well, punk, could he? riddle me that.

Cam said...

The Jedi is pretty stiff competition...he will hack you to death with his lightsaber before you even know what is going on. He's nearly 50 but quicker (and way quirkier) than sneel or I could ever be.

Cam said...

P.S. in the top photo, Jedi is informing me that some tables have goals that are up to 1/8th of an inch off, and even though this one was exactly regulation size, the existence of non regulation goals might have something to do with why he kept missing his shot. :) I don't know if sneel got that conversation on film, but if he did, that is going to be some prime footage!