Sunday, November 12, 2006

As Specimen's promoter, assitant director and audio technition I hereby announce once again

photo: keith ladzinski

Chuck Fryberger's "Specimen" set to Debut in High Definition @ The Boulder Theater on November 28th, Tickets on sale now!
Boulder, Colorado/ November 12th 2006/
One of the most anticipated documentaries of the year, "Specimen", transcends the boundaries of typical sports films by using state of the art technology and a thought provoking storyline.
"Specimen", by local veteran filmmaker Chuck Fryberger (Colorado Daydream, Friction Addiction) follows some of America's top athletes deep in the wilderness of South Africa. Cedar Wright, an accomplished traditional rock climber, is on a quest to understand climbing's most mysterious discipline: the ropeless art of bouldering. With difficult moves high above leg-breaking landings, bouldering is essentially high stakes gymnastics with worse consequences. As demanding as a routine on the rings or the parallel bars, bouldering tests the mind and body of its participants. Athletes are attracted by its unique blend of adrenaline and aesthetics. Through conversations with some of the best athletes currently practicing the sport, Cedar gains insight into this unique lifestyle. As a result he learns what it takes to do the impossible both on the rock and in his own life. The lessons he learns resonate with anyone who has ever tried to improve at something they love. Specimen features today's best boulderers, in the world's greatest bouldering destination, the Rocklands of South Africa.
Starring; Daniel Woods, Fred Nicole, Andy Raether, Lisa Rands and Cedar Wright.
On the surface, "Specimen" is about one man's desire to be a better boulderer. However, the film uses bouldering as a metaphor to address a fundamental human struggle, which is this: People are often told that whatever they work hard for will be achieved and that achievement is limited only by your effort. However, the truth is no matter how dedicated you are to something and no matter how much you truly believe in it, sometimes it isn't achieved. In Specimen, Chuck proposes that achievement is not the key to happiness in any pursuit. Instead, true happiness comes from the ability to enjoy each moment of the struggle itself.
Please visit to view the full-length trailer.

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