Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fate, Dead People, and the Probability of Boulders

I often wonder how when i walk up to a perfect climbable boulder: "What are the fucking odds of this seriously?" Of all the factors that have to go into the creation of a perfect boulder problem the probabilities have to be lower than they are! You mean to tell me I've never seen a dead person or a black bear in the wild but I can randomly stumble across lifetimes of boulders with just enough small holds to get me to the top after precisely 10 tries, within 25 miles of my house. You tellin me that I can set-up camp in the random pitch-black Utah desert and when I wake up Justin and I can just mosie across the street and find this boulder!? Bullshit. No Way. I'm calling it fate and running with it.

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chuffer said...

the best thing about your photo here is that sock hands thought he would chuck a lap on this guidebook V4 on the blacktop boulder or whatever it's called without any pads and probably without tying his shoes.

think again socktard. that thing was hard for 1st thing in the freaking morning. that was my second day on that problem. damn.

I suspect that rig sees very few flashes.

all of this said, it is a crazy-looking perfectly climbable boulder that eroded out of some cliff, bounced down the mountainside, got pushed around and weathered by the flooding Colorado before the river was tamed, etc., etc.

in 10,000 years, that boulder will still be right there (assuming our species makes it that long), being climbed by the crazy humans who still long for adventure.