Thursday, November 30, 2006

On Getting Over It.

After spending 3 weekends in a row exploring the bouldering one gully over, a couple friends and I finally made it into Penitente Canyon and I found the inspiration i needed to finally sport climb: This 100 foot boulder.

Ever since back country rescuing a South African man who took a 60 foot ground fall onto his back right next to me from a bad belay, I am better safe than sorry and putting my life in another's hands has been too risky . That evening was too long, too dark, and too cold, and the expierence left it's mark on me. The last I heard, that man will never walk again. But sometimes the greatest risk in life is not taking one at all. This bluebird spring day I was taught this by Scott Neel, Mike Anderson, Brain Rhodes, and Keith Ladzinski and I climbed "Heucos for the Tanks" first try. "On Belay!"

photos above: Justin Jaeger half-way to the chains on "Huecos for the Tanks" on the immaculate 100 foot face right of the classic arete "Bullet the Blue Sky" in Penitente Canyon, Colorado. Big boulder problems = Big fun!
photos: me


sock said...

you cannot prove that is me

leif said...

i drive past there soooo often in summer, it's not even funny. i need to stop and get busy.