Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bring it on!

Gettum son! Do work on Saturday P.Rob! Home town represend!


sock hands said...

sharma is not going to show to the comp, as previously expected. instead, he will compete against myself, si tuner, and the dello in a jaegerbasement climbing comp.

then, he will compete versus myself and k-bigidy in a poodle beating contest.

then, i will give him his choice of a grain scoop or a rusty shovel and he must pick up at least 200 turds from their ice encasing in 10 minutes in order to win the full $8.00 cash prize.

sock hands said...

oh and CRUSH IT ALL, PAUL !!!!

we're supportin' ya.

sock hands said...

also, when the check engine light pops on for no reason at all on a 2007 vw, what are some reasons? how long would you suggest i could wait till getting it to the dealership?

have you had any nitrus installed on your gti? if so, have you sampled it to see if it works for humans on climbing projects?


larebe said...

probably no reason whatsoever.. i would wait a week and it will most likely go off in the same mysterious way as it came on!

proud jetta owner

sock hands said...

holy crap someone actually reads my comments !!!

anyway, thanks!

wade david said...

Whos going to be in bishop the month of march, I'm bring the colt .45

Situner said...

In my experience, there is something wrong with Volkswagons if there is NOT a strange noise or odd light on. Still, if it is that new, whatever is broken will likely not be your responsiblity to pay for. TAKE IT IN!

chuffer said...

you bought a vw?

damn, I'm outta the loop =(

sock hands said...

it was parked outside your house at your birfdey party, chipper.

i'm farily certain i've showed up to non-dogger sessions w/ it too.

don't worry, though, like the buick of doom, i'm on my typical fast pace of racing towards its complete demolition, part by part.