Thursday, December 6, 2007


<12.6.06> Paul Robinson doing a probable first ascent by finishing off a low start to an old Jim Holloway problem located on Dinosaur Mountain.


sock hands said...

does it share anything w/ slapshot, or is it pure arete?

if arete [since i have no interest in the holds the constitute slapshot], what does holloway's original line go at?

perfect timing on the shot!

Dropknee said...

The problem is right of "Slapshot" by 10 feet on the NE arete. Last year it saw a little traffic via a cool jumpstart, and since Jim had no name for it, we just dubbed it "Elevator." It is a slightly more worthy now that it starts static.

**typical flatirons disclamier**
Will may have done this move before.

Also, Paul tried Slapshot from a logical low start, but there was just too much glue behind the key hold to even use it.

Paul said...
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