Thursday, December 13, 2007

And so it goes.

My last day of work in the kitchen is tomorrow. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to (try) do what i love for a living. And so it goes, I'm off Wednesday to the East Coast for Christmas and a couple of photo shoots. When I get back, I head down to Hueco Tanks. From there, I fly to San Fransisco to work with Yoga Journal Magazine and then to Salt Lake City for the O.R. Winter Trade show. Groovy.

<10.22.07> P-Rob in Eldo.


sock hands said...

very excited for you andy mang!

eric said...

Great photography dude. love the vividness.

nick weinstock said...

conceptually good and executed well. a bit saturated for me on the subject, however. good work.

chuffer said...

safe travels senor mann and best wishes finding THE shots.

Don't try to emulate what's been done. Do it YOUR way.

larebe said...

best of luck to you, andymann!!