Sunday, December 30, 2007


I made a quick stop in Colorado Springs on my way down to Hueco. My goal: Take out a prime target.

Honestly, so psyched to hang with Keith for a for a few days. He is the coolest and kindest of all hommies and has been such a big inspiration to me. I got to cream him a least a dozen times, point-blank, in the back of the neck, with big-ass solid snowballs. photo: Klad


sock hands said...

such an amazing shot! nice creativity and even better beaning fun. now, all keith's friends can attack w/ snow and justify it "just like the picture, keith!!!! just like the picture!!!"

this is ok because there is no disclaimer about not trying this stunt on keith ourselves.


Dropknee said...

Agreed! Arm to the teeth and destroy. Could you take out Kemple as well?