Monday, November 26, 2007

Finishing up.

Almost though dis'ere Bishop trip and i gotta say, I truly fell in love with this place. I spent the first week shooting on assignments, and the last few days bouldering and basking in sunshine. I'll be waking up tomorrow at the crack of ass (if this 4 shot americano doesn't keep me up all night) to try to finish off another project and then driving back to Vegas around noon to catch my flight back. Cheers!

photos: Wills Young showing who's the man of the house!
And paradise as seen from my little tent in the Sierras.


Ryan Brazell said...

Glad to hear you became properly enamoured.

I missed it, Andy. I missed it.

Now come to the Southeast and share your tales of harrowing highballs.

sock hands said...

sorry if my last gem of a comment was irritating to lisa/wills... nonsense is my escape from the office death cube.

Dropknee said...

Ryan B, I'll be there the week leading up to Christmas. Lets plan on a few days in Boone. Sorry again about your unfortunate injury. It was an amazing place, thanks for lighting the fire under my ass to get out there!

JJ, Lisa said Gaia still awaits a boot of doom ascent, get on it!

sock hands said...

DOOD, i watched her bit, like, a million times and i have come to the irrefutable conclusion that it is not possible to raise the booted foot high enough for the crack layback section without growing a completely new muscle in my abdominal region.