Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Mind Matters."

After 3 days work in miserable conditions, Kevin Jorgeson repeated what is, for now, known as "Mind Matters" on Guanella Pass above Georgetown, Colorado. Rumored to have first been done a few years back by Johnny G. and Tim Kemple, "Mind Matters" has a stopper 5 move crux sequence... Off a bad double undercling 3 moves in, one must make a huge move to a very poor right hand crimp/pinch and lock it off into an undercling far above. From here, there can be no falling on your way to the top as the landing is far below and very rocky.

His ascent was filmed for possible inclusion in "Rocky Mountain Highball."


Cardboard_dog said...

I'm going to do that thing one of these days! ..

It looked like the top could be protected by a spotter standing on that ledgy boulder ?? of course if he missed ... double boot of doom. maybe an arm boot of doom .. and a colostomy bag. But lots and lots of Morphine. That you can sell to homeless people for crack.

sock hands said...

bob horan, '84, but using a cheater stone and a gill start.

of course, the "cheater stone" was the backside of the boulder itself as he gill started up the downclimb, stood above 'mind matters' and cheered his victorious ascent.