Sunday, August 26, 2007


JJ, feel better buddy. You may of re-injured your ankle this weekend,(sorry to hear 'bout that hommie), but it is better than being bit by a cobra in the face.

You may, if you'd like, find solace in the fact that:
Although my grandmother can beat you up a flight of stairs, you still climb boulder problems harder than me, immediately after your injuries...both times.


chuffer said...

I echo Andy's sentiments.

Get healthy soon.

sock hands said...

ghey shirt dab!!!!

note for fools: i had to cut off the sleeves of this polypro shirt because the super glue in my pack exploded under pressure and stuck one arm totally shut, so i cut em both off.

this is true.

however, one may argue that this does not justify wearing it, even if it was an 'undershirt' for a green cotton t-shirt

sock hands said...

more importantly, thanks fellers!

Moxie Crimefighter said...

jj the cableguy. git er done.

Cardboard_dog said...

I believe that secretly, everyone wishes they could wear a muscle shirt.