Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Such Rest Day.

Friday night 6:00pm: Keith and I make reservations for a Great White Shark Breaching and Diving Expedition out of a small fishing town near Cape Town, ZA for the following Sunday.

Friday night 1:00am: The Captain of our boat calls and says he is expecting high winds Sunday, but could instead take us out in 5 hours...from now! So we make a 4 hour mad dash (driving on the opposite side of the road, with one headlight, following some ghetto map Cedar prolly picked up) to Simontown from the Rocklands.

We catch 1 hour of sleep in a dock side Hostel and are awoken by the Captain telling us he is leaving with or without us...

3:Seal Island. Where 3000 seals are trapped on an off shore island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by hundreds of 20 foot long Great Whites. This is where we will stop first..
4:Next the shark dudes throw out a piece of carpet shaped like the silhouette of a baby seal and pull it back towards the boat. nice.
5:They jerk the "food" away from the pissed off sharks while they stand on the slippery deck of a small rocking boat. nice again..

Following this crazy shit, the Captain chums the waters and throws in a 1 person shark cage for anyone who wants a better view. Only some overweight Asian journalist goes in. He is out very quickly.


sock hands said...

dab. that's kai with a fake fin costume, baited with poops in the water.

he can smell a single rabbit pellet in the water a mile away.

chuffer said...

I'm sure that was a wild day for sure.

Man overboard!!oneoneone!!1111!!