Friday, July 6, 2007

R.M.H. - "Pure Briss."

Cameron Cross on another first ascent @ Red Feather Lakes, CO. The problem's name was deriven from the giant scar that one notices on the top of the arete. When originally cleaning the problem, Cam pried lightly on a small flake at the lip, which in turn, slid off a 1000 pound peice of rock off the top of the boulder and went crashing twenty feet to the ground. "Briss" the the Jewish word for circumcision.


chuffer said...


Cam's orange pants are classic stuff ... kinda like Holloway's painter cap.

sock hands said...

with cam's super gnar fooseball skillz, i bet he juggled the 1000lb flake between brushes and shot it at supersonic speeds into the forest.

betta chug that beer, fool, YOU JUS GOT SHUT OUT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

Cardboard_dog said...