Sunday, June 24, 2007

$20 you'll never see!!!

So I bet Daniel $20 that he couldn't send Tommy's Arete 1st try blindfolded. If fact, so blindfolded that his entire face had to be covered so that he couldn't breath either. I was sure to win when Laura walked him slowly to the boulder and placed his hands on the starting holds. He climbed it. I lost.


chuffer said...

that is sooooo f'n awesome. best $20 you EVAR spent.

what a story ... that's right up there with Charlie Bentley redpointing a 12d @ Rifle naked and with a watermelon strapped to his ass.

sock hands said...

much less disturbing imagry though.

sock hands said...

note: this ascent is noteworthy not because of the blindfold, but because of the v7.

sneeldog said...

Overheard as DW grabbed the jug before the lip, with labored breathing due to the tight blindfold:

sneeldog - Andy...It smells like you are out twenty bucks.

dropknee - No wait...he could still pass out.

Dropknee said...

funny cause its true!!!!