Friday, May 18, 2007

Jim Holloway

I had the great opportunity to co-write, with John Gill, an interview piece about Jim Holloway an upcoming issue of Climbing Magazine. This has been a year long project of mine that all started with a memorable day of hanging out and chatting with him and Jim Michaels for a podcast, and culminated in me delving into Holloway's dusty, old, cob-webbed boxes of photos from his musky attic. It was very nerve-racking for me, hammering through the unanswered questions of two generations that have become mystery, and listening to what had already become legend.
Jim was without doubt the Fred Nicole of his time: a. Shy and withdrawn. b. More powerful than anyone of his time. and most importantly..c. Searching boulder to boulder, often alone, in search of movement that could challenge him. Jim spent up to 30 days working boulder problems, and such, "to project", was born right here our the poison ivy infested, falcon nested, dog- walking, adventurous Flatirons. Welcome back to the forefront of Bouldering Mr. Holloway. I hope you get the cover!
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