Sunday, February 25, 2007

A few from Allenspark 2004

1: Mike Freischlag "Death Flake"
2: Nick Johnson "P-Diddy"
3: Curt Frye "Moss Boss"
4: Kevin Murphy "Camel Toe"


sneeldog said...

A...Do you know if the line to the right of 'Death Flake' is called 'The Bulge'? We were trying this line last year and it's quite tasty. Crimps > underclings > slopey shelf > unknown. Have you hopped on this line yet?

chuffer said...

You me sold on the place with those photos. nice!!!


Panama Red said...

sneel, I haven't tried that problem. It is kinds the best looking line on the wall though. I think Pete said v6 once. gimmie sips.

Panama Red said...

chuffer, lets go there springtime. Moss Boss is one of the best moderate boulder problems I have ever done.

chuffer said...

I'm all in.

sock hands said...

moss boss is not over till you're standing on top.

very classic commitment problem without surprises, just straight forward crimping and highstepping.