Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Eldorado Springs Bottled Water 4

I noticed a few projects near Eldo this week. So I picked up Paul from class the next morning.
We enjoyed a steller day of Spring weather! After warming up Paul soon noticed a few holds out the steepest face of the boulder. A project was born.

A sequence of Paul Robinson an inch from sending his project. V-hard. photos:me


sock hands said...

what/where is 'dubs' [or whatever prob's new line is called].

you must take me to these sunlit lines. i failed miserably a couple years ago after bushwacking up from the trailside v7.

epic battle with thorns and steepness and thorns again.

jedimindtricks said...

the solar energy of those boulders lights up my insides... motivation, desire, sending.... must make time.