Monday, February 19, 2007

Clear Creek Canyon

Pic 1: Alden Short finishes "Squid." v8
Pic 2: Scott Neel on "41st Street." v7
Pic 3: Alden Short sends "Up with People." V4

photos: me


sock hands said...

today's revision of the new website front page's format is a good improvement. here, however, your lack of 12 photos per day is sickening.

you should be ashamed x10.

sneeldog said...

To be fair to everyone viewing this blog I must make a few comments:

1. Alden neglected to send the V8 version of Squid but rather the V4 version because he did not "off-route the jug rail." We should also acknowledge that eliminates are super classic entities that no one should ever challenge.

2. In response to my threat of posting his V8 debacle, Alden wanted me to also blog that I "did not the start from the legit start on 41st St. thus it's only V3" and even though my hands touched the top of the boulder I was unable to pull over. Unfortunately much of this is true, but I would like to add that Alden did exceptionally well at this boulder...spotting me that is.

3. Finally, on his 3rd visit to Up With People, Alden "Mico Alejandro" Short sent while displaying incredible amounts of fortuitous style and courage. Solid work as usual Mr. Short.

mico said...

In order to continue the "fairness" discussion started by sneeldog, I must admit that, yes, I am a professional spotter. My professionalism will continue throughout 2007, as sneeldog destroys more rock on his quest to send v9 before the arrival of 2008. Climbing is all about the numbers.

Panama Red said...

anything Scottie longarms does is equivically v4-. yes, v4........-

anything Micro Alejandro does is v8. well, of course unless the jugrails are on and then it is v4+. yes v4......+

chuffer said...

All problems are V4 once you've done them.

The rest are somewhere between V3 and V4+.

Climbing is fun.

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