Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boogie Nights

I decided to kill a weekend in Cape Town to check out the other bouldering in South Africa. Keith and I got the (exhausting) tour from local Justin Hawkins. He took us to "Topside" a bouldering area (jungle) that overlooked both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The view was as mind melting as was Justin's herb. After a bushwhacking of epic proportions (and getting lost twice) we found "Boogie Nights" a new Fred problem that he put up the previous year while also taking breather from the Rocklands. How in the fuck that guy finds boulders like this is beyond me. I swear he would trip over his own feet if they weren't attached to his ankles. Anyway, here our visiting Norwegian friend "Tootsten" attempts the second ascent of the fine roof traverse that just last week finally got it's repeat and was confirmed at V12.

photos: me

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Anonymous said...

great pics! just a correction regarding boogie nights... it was actually opened by justin hawkins in 2000 and has had 3 repeats before 2007 (fred nicole in 2001 and marijus smigelskis and emile esterhuizen in 2006).