Sunday, December 3, 2006

Speaking of Huecos?

...ever seen a transition between bigger ones? I found this boulder hiking around our first day in South Africa next to the road. I called over the hill for the big guns.

Chuck Fryberger, First Ascent, v8 highballzzzz, Rocklands, ZA
Later that evening Andy Raether set up for the second ascent, and made the insecure move to a crimp over the lip of the boulder. He missed it. Here in the lower photo I am spotting him, well I am trying to anyway. Andy flew thirty feet and over my head! He missed the pads completely and narrowly missed an ankle crushing boulder by a mere inch. Andy sat out almost a full week with bruised heels. I'm sorry bro.
photo 1: me
photo 2: Keith Ladzinski

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