Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dinner Sender?

Due to the diet of world class climbers it can be very hard to feed them. I have been chosen to the Specimen team not only to assist production and media but because of my career as a chef. Believe me feeding nine hungry climbers dinner on two small electric burners is not easy. Therefore I had to Grill most nights in order to be able to cook all the food together.
It was a live and learn basis for trying out the local meats especially with protein high on the list of needed nutrients. For instance the chicken here is amazingly cheap, easy to grill, versatile with different ingredients, delicious and easy to digest. The 5 key components to making the athletes happy. If on component is off it sometimes won't work. For instance the ostrich is cheap, easy to grill, and delicious. But it is not very versatile in another dish and though it is very lean and healthy it is not tender and can be a nightmare to digest. The performance the next day often shows me the results. I learned the trick to it all quickly. Cook the meats as planned but double the evening's starch ratio. Don't like my grilling and you can gorge yourself with as much rice and vegetables as you can eat. Shopping for a team this big can be a headache as well. Really no one gets what they want and sometimes that is a good thing. If I got what was on the grocery list every time Daniel Woods would pack chocolate bars and potato chips for lunch every day. I am essentially guarding this circumstance very carefully. The health and hygiene of the team and it's members is very important when living in such tight quarters together.
photo: Sarah Marvez

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